What I expect

Normally, when people say "I expect", they normally mean "I expect this from you". For me, I like to take it one step further. I expect the following in my life, whether that be at work, in my social circle, or even of myself.


Don't make me hunt for the truth

I love telling a good story as much as anyone else, but I really try not to lie. Embellishments and over-exaggeration is something I am known for (fortunately, or unfortunately) but I do strive not to lie. Like every good joke, it needs to be based on truth. I ask that I get the same from everyone around me.

Please don't get me wrong; I'm fine with people wanting to tell stories, and I can understand when people want to hide their "failures" or spin-doctor the shit out of something, but it really makes me angry (after disappointment) if I'm sent on a wild-goose-chase, or even worse, directly lied to. If you've got nothing to say or don't want to say anything, then say nothing. I find that preferable to making up a story for the sake of "getting me off your plate".


Why do I have to ask, if you can share?

Similar to the above, if you're electing not to share something, then my spidey-senses get all tingly. I will instantly ask myself: what are you trying to hide? This is, obviously, something that I am looking to improve, as no two people are the same, and starting from an extroverted position means that I occasionally find it difficult to empathise effectively with introverted or private people. ...but, as they say, in yet another cliche, knowing this is the first half of the battle, right?


Ask, or tell, but never stay silent...

I moved to the Netherlands, because I prefer a direct approach to conversation and communication. Even still, I don't think I was ready for how direct some Dutch people can really be. Even after experiencing this though, I feel that I default to direct, rather than indirect, as my preferred approach to conversation. Telling me you're upset, and how you expect me to fix this, and allowing me to do the same in return is - in my opinion - a much quicker path to a solution than spending weeks dancing around a topic or (even worse) playing Chinese Whispers.


Be the change that you want to see! -Not Ghandi -Michael Scott

Nothing makes me prouder than finishing something. I hope that this is the same for you, but even if this isn't a motivation for you, please help everyone around you improve by being the change that you want to see. I have recently purchased some laptop stickers that read: "Don't complain, suggest something better" to constantly remind me of this fact - and I think for the both of us, approaching your challenges with a positive, can-do mindset is a very important factor in our long-term success together!

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