What's my role?


Generally, I'm a work-hard, play-hard Australian that's living in the Netherlands. This means that my role in our relationship is someone that can set an example of how-to (and sometimes an example of how-not-to) get things done.


At this moment, I'm a "Development Manager" (...think "VP Engineering" for you Americans) for an amazing on- and off-line retailer servicing the Benelux region: Coolblue.

If you were to use the RACI method of identifying responsibility, then at this point in time, I'm:

  • Responsible for approximately 8 Team Leads

  • Accountable for approximately 70 developers, across 6 language specialisations.

  • Consulted as part of the management team of Coolblue Tech (250+ employees)

  • Informed on direction & overall company strategy by our CEO & CFO as member of the Tech Management team, but also as a member of the 'Raad voor Ondernemers' (aka. Workers Council).


As I wrote in the intro, I'm a fun-loving, foul-mouthed, straightforward Aussie. As such, I love a drink, I love to eat good food, and I enjoy all the things that my culture is associated with: sun, sand, and surf. You can expect me to be the one cracking jokes, and not taking anything too seriously, but also wanting to push myself (and others around me) to achieve our goals.

As an inter-cultural example: Australians generally aren't as "self-promoting" as say, Americans, but we are far more self-interested than the Dutch. There are many more examples of this sort of culturally-biased behaviour that you'll come to notice over time, and so many of them that I "just do naturally" and without thinking -- feel completely free to give me feedback if this affects our relationship or our ability to get things done! :)

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