Who am I?

I have a lot more info over on my personal site, but I'll copy the abstract over here for those that don't want to click through:

I’m a loud Australian that’s been living in the Netherlands for a few years – and still trying to learn Dutch. At risk of sounding cliché; I’m an skilled .Net developer, experienced public speaker, husband and father, but most of all, a geek. Over the course of my career, I’ve found that interesting problems & inspiring solutions are what gets me out of bed in the morning.

I think that tells most of the story, but it's probably worth highlighting for you that I enjoy addressing crowds, I'm not scared to stand up and fight for what I think is right, I want to get more under-represented demographics into tech, and I want to make the world better for my kids.

I believe that this doesn't make me a Leftie, or a Feminist, or a Hippy, or whatever other title you want to come up with... I think this just makes me a good person™.

I try and live my life by solving problems, and not just technical ones (although those are by far the easiest to solve). This means that I can sometimes try and give you a solution to your problem, even if you didn't ask for one. Just ask my wife. If you think that I'm overstepping what you need from me, please, just let me know.

TODO: Insert the life-story-line-thing from the session with Saskia.

Seeing as you're reading this, I would assume that soon we will have our 1:1 sync; make sure if there's anything you want to know, you ask. The egotistical part of me loves to tell a good story.

If you're not working with me and you want to know more, that's also fine! My DM's are open on Twitter, you can request to join my Slack workspace, or just email me.

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